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    JBoss pool management problems

    Yair Weizman Newbie


      I've found two very serious problems with JBoss pool management.
      The first and most serious is :- according to the JCA1.0 spec matchManagedConnection returns null if a matched connection isn't found so the container will create a new connection. But JBoss throws an exception when
      it receives the null object.

      The second problem is when JBoss cleans the pool to zero, and a connection request arrives JBoss creates two zombie connections ManagedConnection with all its objects equal to null even thou the ManagedConnectionFactory created
      two real connection for the Pool.

      Has anyone also tripped over this bug, do you know of a bug fix/work around. I'm working with JBoss 3.0.4 bundled with Tomcat4.1.12.

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          David Jencks Master

          Current cvs doesn't throw an exception if match fails, but see also my replies on related posts.

          Please see if the second problem is fixed in the cvs version and if not post a lot more details: I don't understand your description of the behavior. A small self contained test case against the hypersonic DefaultDS would be best.