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    Multiple Datasources same connection Pool

    Ram Newbie

      We are porting an application from weblogic6.1 to jboss 3.0.4.
      we are using DB2 database.

      In the weblogic world, we were using 3 datasources AuditPkgPool, HierarchyPkgPool, AccountPkgPool all of them associated to the same connection pool: "vfpool".

      Following is the excerpt from weblogic config.xml:

      I am not sure on how to do the equivalent configuration in JBOSS.

      Tried different combinations(like creating three different db2-account-service.xml, db2-hierarchy-service.xml, db2-audit-service.xml). But couldn't get it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          David Jencks Master

          In jboss each datasource needs its own pool. Why would you want to do otherwise? If the connections are equivalent, why not just use one datasource?

          You should be able to use 3 *-service.xml files with no problem, or put all the mbeans into one file. I'd also recommend considering using 3.2 and the simpler *-ds.xml files. With the *-service.xml files you need mostly to make sure that all the (9, for your 3 datasources) mbeans have different names.