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    Multiple ManagedConnection instances of single physical pipe

    Darran Lofthouse Master

      There is a comment in the JCA specification saying:-

      Note: The connector architecture allows one or more ManagedConnection instances to be multiplexed over a single physical pipe to an EIS. However, for simplicity, this specification describes a ManagedConnection instance as being mapped 1-1 to a physical connection.

      Actually associating the different ManagedConnection instances with the same physical pipe does not look as if it would be a problem.

      To actually allow multiple messages to be sent down the same pipe I think that an additional thread is required with wait / notify calls to allow the responses to be matched up with the original request.

      Would this be allowed in a J2EE resource adapter or is it only the application server that is allowed to handle Threads?

      Has anyone else had any experience implementing a resource adapter that multiplexes multiple messages over a single pipe?