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    Problems using the com port with JBoss

    Hezekiel Newbie

      I know I should develop a JCA adapter to be able to talk with serial port and not block the JBoss while doing so.

      But I first wanted to try out the functionality directly from a class called from a session bean.

      From stand alone java-app I can send and receive SMS messages with no problem, but when I try to do that within JBoss the com libraries are unable to locate the com port?

      I suspect that the problem is win32com.dll which somehow seems to become unreachable when the code is executed within the JBoss environment?

      From 'ordinary' java app it's enough to have that dll in the JDK's bin directory and the javax.comm.properties file is placed in JDK's lib folder.

      But when run from the JBoss this configuration doesn't work. I've tried to copy the win32com.dll to several locations System32 dir, JBoss bin, etc.. to no avail. The libraries I use report that the Serial Port 'ComX' does not exist!' the same error that occurs from within ordinary java-app if I remove the dll from JDK's bin folder.

      Please Help!