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    JCA RA for Network Management Protocols

    Ian Kent Newbie

      Is anyone aware of JCA 1.0/1.5 based adapters/connectors
      used to integrate network management protocols (SNMP, TL1, CORBA, etc...) with J2EE based application servers.

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          Brian Wallis Master

          G'day Ian,
          Did you find out any info about this?

          I'm currently designing/implementing a mediation layer for an activation product that will use JCA adaptors as protocol plugins. Our requirements are modest only needing to support connection creation and deletion but I would be interested to hear of any other experiences in this area.

          I don't have much experience to add yet, it is still early days.

          brian wallis

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            Dimitris Andreadis Master

            Bit to late for a reply!

            We've created an extensible JCA adapter that accepts JMX plugins for different underlying protocols, like SNMP, telnet, http, shell scripts, etc.

            Those plugins, in turn, can be either hand coded, or there is a GUI and a template based code generator that helps you customize the plugin, once the basic protocol is there.

            We use this to activate services in a variety of situations. We've deployed this mainly to the Mobile/GSM area and it works fine.

            It is also able to emulate transactions, i.e. do multiple operations and rollback, for example, because the 3rd activation step failed.

            Appart for the commercial aspect, I think it is a very interesting and JBoss friendly technology.


            Dimitris Andreadis