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    problem with jboss-jca.jar and java.sql classes

    marco Newbie

      I've installed JBoss 3.0.3 on a AS/400 (jdk IBM 1.3), it starts without problems but when I try to execute JDBC statements I get the following exception:

      2003-03-24 14:50:30,706 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.SecurityException: Prohibited package name: java.sql

      This exception doesn't occur deleting from jboss-jca.jar Savepont.class,Parametermetadata.class. :-O
      These classes are in jdk1.4 java.sql package but are not in jdk1.3.
      Could runtime problems occur within the deleting action?
      Why classes from standard jdk1.4 are in jboss-jca.jar?
      Note that the problem doesn't occur connecting to as/400 db from jboss running on AIX or NT .
      Thanks in advance.