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    where is LocalStatement locate???

    Brandon Vallade Newbie

      I am running Jboss 3.0.6 and in my application I am using JBoss to manage connections. Thus if I would want to access the base statement implementation of one of the statements created with these connections, I need to do something like:

      My question is what jar file do I need to include to get this to compile. The only place I could seem to find LocalStatement was in the tmp/deploy (tmp/deploy/server/default/deploy/jboss-local-jdbc.rar/20.jboss-local-jdbc.rar-contents/local-ra-jdbc-libs.jar)
      directory. Is this jar file in a stable enough location to be referenced in a build script?


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          David Jencks Master

          If you upgrade to 3.0.7 you would be using WrappedStatement which is in default/lib/jboss-common-jdbc-wrapper.jar, a stable location. The tmp/ directory location is not stable, it depends on the deployment order of the packages in lib and deploy.

          If you need to use 3.0.6 I suggest you extract the jar yourself and put it in a stable location.