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    Packaging an EAR

    Stephane PASSIGNAT Newbie

      How should I package shared libraries (jar) in an ear ?

      The class of the shared libraries are instanciated by a resource (rar) and return to an ejb.

      I'm a little bit afraid, by class loading, to declare these libraries in the manifest Class-Path of the resource (rar) and of the ejb (jar).

      Is there any solution ?


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          David Jencks Master

          With the jboss unified classloaders you can put the shared classes just about anywhere and they will be visible to both your .rar and .ear. In particular, you can put them in the .rar (in the .jar file), an ejb jar (directly), or directly in the .ear (in a jar file, that you reference by a manifest classpath entry). I don't know how portable to other app servers these might be.