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    Deployment descriptors for Resource Adapter

    Balendran Newbie

      I have developed an Resource Adapter based on JCA 1.0 for WebLogic 7.0. The rar file contains ra.xml and weblogic-ra.xml. The Resource Adapter is deployed and is working fine.
      I am now trying to deploy the Resource Adapter in JBoss 3.0.4. I could not find the correct details of the xml files needed to deploy the Resource Adapter. Can anyone help me in solving the problem. Where do I find the sample xml files and the deployment procedures for Resource Adapter.

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          David Jencks Master

          It is a lot simpler on 3.2.x than in 3.0.x, you will be glad you upgraded. In either case example files are in docs/jca/example-config. Look at the one for firebird or another jca adapter rather than a database example, the syntax for using our jca-jdbc wrappers is sometimes a bit different.

          To deploy, put the .rar (with no jboss specific deployment file) in the deploy directory, and put the *-ds.xml or *-service.xml file either in the deploy directory or in some other deployable package that will recognize it such as a .sar. You can include the .rar in a .ear per spec, and a *-ds.xml or *-service.xml in an .ear if you include a jboss-app.xml file next to application.xml with the *-ds/service.xml file specified in a "service" module entry.