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    Confused by, for example, generi-ds.xml -vs- firebird-ds.xml

    exitsfunnel Newbie


      I had previously deployed my custom RA in JBoss 3.0.6. After having been away from the project for a few months, I"m back on it and have upgraded to JBoss 3.2.1. I tried deploying in 3.2.1 by simply copying the files I had been using in 3.0.6 but the deploy failed. After poking around the files in docs/examples/jca a bit, I see that the configuration bit has changed some. I'm trying to upgrade my file, but as I look at the various examples it seems that there are a few different formats. For instance generic-ds.xml has as it's root element 'datasources' while firebird-ds.xml has as it's root element 'connection-factories?' What is the difference between these two files? Which should I use as a base for my *-ds.xml? Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone may have!