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    Cannot deploy RA using JBoss 3.2

    Raghu Havaldar Newbie


      am using JDK 1.4.1_02, Win2000 SP3, JBoss 3.2 w/
      Tomcat 4.1.24.

      Trying to deploy the sample FS RA, but ran into
      problems w/ the JBoss complaining about not recognizing the JndiName attrib.

      Is the schema for jboss-service.xml out-of-sync w/ the examples ? if so, where do I go looking for the right one ?

      Attached is log.zip containing the server.log (JBoss server log, and the jboss-service.xml, the -service.xml
      file for the FS RA).

      Think there is some obvious out-of-sync problem here.

      anyone ?


      ps: the sample FS RA is a part of the examples module
      released separately.