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    please help me!!!!use jca and XA to integrate two J2ee serve

    xiaoyi Newbie

      i leaned JCA just now.i want to use JCA to complish a function in DTP system.
      My system is differrent from other in that i want to integrate EJB and EJB using the JCA.
      Now my J2EE platforms are websphere and jboss.Databases are oracle9i and db2.
      I want to use a EJB1 in websphere and EJB2 in jboss to transfer 100$ from oracle9i to db2,just like finance transfer.
      1.Might you tell me the steps or codes of completing the function,
      Or provide a similar example for me?
      2.How to write the adapter based on JCA to connect with the other j2ee server?
      I learned JCA just now.So i am poor in JCA and EAI.please help me!!It is really helpful if you could response me as soon as possilbe.
      I know that i needn't use JCA to realize the work might.there are other ways can do it.
      But my purpose to complete the function is i want to learn to how to write adapter and use JTA.
      and some one tell me "Write only a jca 1.0 outbound adapter to deploy on websphere. This
      will use the new jboss Remoting framework for the ejb invocations. You
      will have to replace the client side DTXAResource remoting interceptor
      with something that supplies an XAResource for the ManagedConnections."
      but i don't know how to finish ,how to use the Remoting framework!
      Could you tell me?