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    Firebird on Jboss 3.2.1

    Pervaz Allaudin Newbie

      I have run firebird on on 3.04 fine.
      On the 3.2.1 using the new firebird-ds.xml I keep trouble "creating table" "Dynamic SQL Error" Token not found" and the word "password".
      and then errors for "XAConnection factory not bound"

      The trouble as far as I can trace it goes to the new Jdbc2 persistance Manager in Jbossmq-service.xml under ~/jms in deploy.

      It still works under very limited cmp testing but try it for xpetstore and thing explodes.

      I have tried other configs as leaving the default db as hsql and run firebird with it for cmp changing standard - jaws and cmp - but all blow up.

      Has anybody experienced this and can they give me advice on the change required.

      Any hep will be appreciated.