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    Jboss JCA Adapters for Versant enJin 2.3.1

    Sven Erik Knop Newbie


      I have built a JCA adapter for Versant enJin 2.3.1 for local and XA connections that you can freely use with Versant. You will need to load Versant enJin 2.3.1 for WebSphere from the Versant website (www.versant.com) in order to use the XA adapter.

      This has been tested with JBoss 3.2.1.

      You will need to load enjin.jar and jvi6.0.5-jdk1.3.jar into the lib directory of the server as well as the jca jar files of Versant enJin into the deploy directory together with the attached files.

      Have fun

      Sven Erik Knop
      Principal Consultant