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    Undeployment of JDBC Driver

    Darran Lofthouse Master


      I have been having a few problems with class loaders recently so I have been using a profilling tool to find out what object instances are in memory at various times.

      My application is packaged into a single ear file that amongst other things contains the JDBC drivers for MySQL and a mysql-ds.xml.

      After deploying the ear and running the application I can see that there are a number of instances of the MySQL classes in memory.

      After undeployment a lot of these instances disappear but a few remain.

      After undeployment does JBoss attempt to deregister the driver? Or are JDBC drivers left registered till the next time JBoss is restarted?

      The bahaviour is the same if I put the driver jar in lib and the mysql-ds.xml in deploy.