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    could your help me find the wrong of the simple adapter ?

    xiaoyi Newbie

      Now i only want to know if i compile a jca adapter ,what classes are nessesary.
      connection ?
      Now i don't process the transaction and security.
      and only connection.
      and i just call the method test() of the remote EJB.
      that is i will create an adapter for EJB.
      and the record input and output are not used.
      I compile the connection adapter,but when i deploy it .there is wrong message.
      I attach the adapter ,and i hope someone can help me look it ,and tell me what's wrong it?
      the jca-test.jar is the bean that call the jca.
      And the jca-res.rar is the adaper file.
      the ejbadapter-service.xml is the configure file of the adapter.