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    how to transfer the paramters to the adapters?

    xiaoyi Newbie

      I want to call the method of the EIS that is connected by my RA.
      But the method needs the input parameters that when it works.
      Now i want to know how to transfer the parameters to the EJS.
      that is:
      the client side:
      ConnectionFactory cf = (ConnectionFactory)initCtx.lookup("java:comp/env/eis/EjbFileAdapter");
      Connection myCon = cf.getConnection();
      toAccID and amount are the input parameters.
      and in the RA,how to defind it?
      in MangedConnectionFactoryImpl.java
      java.lang.String param1=null;
      Double param2=null;
      cmt.credit( param1, param2);
      how to do it?