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    Accessing native library

    feldgen Newbie

      I am using Suse 8.1 and JBoss 3.0.6
      I need to access a native library. My first shot was to access it via MBeanServices. Unfortunately only that process which instantiated/initialized this library has further access to its functions and JBoss produces loads of processes.
      Would JCA be the correct and only working way for this issue or are there other ways?
      I am really new to JCA and do not have much time to get deep into it...

      Thnx in advance,

      Lutz Feldgen

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Using MBeans or JCA will make no difference.

          By processes do you mean threads?


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            feldgen Newbie

            Hello warjort,

            thanks for your reply, you are right, I meant threads.
            With help from juha i managed to get this done via one explicit thread which access the library and one explicit thread which calls the methods on the first one.
            The only bad thing is that i want to access many devices on serial ports parallel, but my actual implementation needs synchronized methods in order to hold the monitor of the thread. This leads to have one device work after the other has finnished work.
            I think about redesign of this library handling and have one explicit thread per device...if the library supports this...and also one explicit thread to access it...