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    a way to limit the max number of EIS connections

    101 Newbie

      i've set up my ra with the help i got from this forum, thanks!

      works fine, but i don't know how to handle this scenario:

      i have an EIS where the number of connections is limited by licences. so i created my ra to pool connections and my clients are connecting/disconnectiong like crazy... :)

      but what happens if jboss asks my ra to create more EIS connections then what is possible? should i throw an exception?

      also i can't produce the situation because jboss 3.2.1 does not create more then 4 EIS connections, even if i start 8 clients calling getconnection. after starting more then 3 clients, the number of EIS connections stops at 4 (i use two different credentials, that's why 3 client already create 4 EIS connections).

      i have seen a AvailableConnectionCount attribute with value 4 on my name=netvisor/BDL-SessionFactory,service=ManagedConnectionPool on my jmx console. what is this? how can i change it?

      is there a way at all to give a max number of EIS connections to jboss, and to tell it to block connection requests until there's a free connection? (in case the max EIS connections are exceeded...)

      thanks in advance,

      - 101