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    MDB endpointActivation

    javadeveloper Newbie

      Hi, I've deployed my resource adapter on the cvs head version of Jboss. Everything seems fine except that the endpointActivation is not called when my MDB is deployed. The message listener class is custom class and they are correctly specified in the dd of MDB and RA. There is no errors in the JBoss log.

      Please help, thanks!

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I'll need a bit more info than it doesn't work.

          Have you looked at the JMS implementation?


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            javadeveloper Newbie

            Yes, I did.

            I have the resource adapter deployed and can see that the "start(BootstrapContext)" get called. The MDB implements a custom listener interface which is specified in both RA's ra.xml and MDB's ejb-jar.xml. I suppose that when the MDB is deployed (yes, I can see it from the log), the resource adapter's endpointActivation shall be called since the listener type matches. But nothing happened :)

            Also, the properties of resource adapter class didn't get populated..

            Could you point out from where I could trace down the process of endpoint activation? My jboss build is directly from the CVS head revision.


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              Adrian Brock Master

              Please don't me unsolicted e-mails.
              Having said that, you can send me the rest of your
              RA if you want to debug why your activation isn't called.
              I can see the RA properties being set.

              The <activation-config> is not supported yet.
              We still have to make the changes to support the EJB2.1


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                javadeveloper Newbie

                The package contains the source code, deployment descriptors for RA and MDB and also the test-ds.xml for the RA.
                Please check, thanks.