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    global TX not consistently propagated to XA resource adapter

    Nicholas S. Barratt Newbie

      I've got a resource adapter in development on JBoss 3.2.1 that needs to support XA transactions. I'm calling into the adapter from a CMT session bean with trans-attribute Required. I acquire a reference to the connection when the bean is created or activated, and close it when the bean is passivated or removed. It appears that the global TX is correctly propagate on the first call into the bean, when the bean is initially created (and thus the connection established), but not on subsequent calls, where the bean (and thus connection) or merely used.

      Is this correct behavior? I was under the impression that RA connection lifetimes were expected to be long and that the underlying ManagedConnection would have its associated XAResource's start(...) and end(...) methods called as necessary.

      Additionally, XAResource.end(..) is getting called twice: once with TMSUSPEND and once with TMSUCCESS.