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    Random Empty Pages Returned

    schwec Newbie

      I am seeing a problem occurring apparently at random where a completed servlet request results in a blank page to the client. The same request will work correctly and then begin to show up empty to the client. Under IE this shows up as a blank, white page with a default page source - no error page (even though one is configured for most types of errors.)

      The Webserver access logs show the request as does the tomcat access log. The servlet executes and is returning something (verified by printing the number of returned bytes.)

      I initially thought it was an issue with an iPlanet connector. But I have since started seeing this same behavior under apache with a different http proxy connector. Both the iPlanet and Apache connectors are simply proxying http requests from the webserver to Tomcat.

      I have the jboss3.0.8/tomcat4.1.24 bundle deployed.

      Since I see the same behavior under two different webserver (and connector) setups I am led to believe that I have my tomcat connector misconfigured.

      Has this type of behavior been seen before? Any recommendations or suggestions how to further narrow this would be appreciated.

      This is the tomcat connector I have configured: