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    MBean-JCA dependency

    guypardon Newbie


      How can an MBean extension know when all JCA/XA resource adapters are bound in JNDI?

      I am developing an application as an MBean extension on top of JBoss, which needs to initialize (start) only after _all_ XA connectors (JDBC, JMS adapters) have been bound into JNDI.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? I know one can set dependencies among services, but which service should my MBean wait for? Just waiting for the JNDI is not enough, I guess: the binding of these resource adapters could happen after that?

      The only guaranteed solution that I could come up with so far is to have my MBean wait until the first application-level requests are being processed. But I would like to do something better than that...

      Thanks a bunch for any insight,