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    RAR in EAR is never taken into account

    eric_lemaitre Newbie

      Hi all !

      I have an EAR with JAR+WAR+RAR, which seems to deploy properly but in fact RAR connector is always ignored. Do simply EAR work under JBoss (I could deploy EAR on many other Application Servers, WebLogic for example, never under JBoss for RAR connector never worked :-( ). I use a service file together with RAR, not a DS file.
      What is more, where are EAR samples supposed to be under "server/samples" directory, I never saw any ?

      Best regards.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          A resource adaptor is not a complete deployment in jboss.
          It is just a skeleton that can be deployed mutiple times using
          You have to add a -ds.xml telling jboss how to deploy it.

          Probably the easiest solution is to add a jboss-app.xml to the
          META-INF of your ear. It goes in a module.
          It should also work if you add a -ds.xml to the root of the rar.

          I have no idea about "server/samples". I've worked on the jboss
          for two years. There has been no such directory during that time.