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    Managed Connections not returned into pool

    Tom Döhler Newbie


      i have a problem concerning JBoss managed connections and connection pooling. I think I have found the problem, but I don't know exactly how I can solve it. The problem is, if a transaction is marked for rollback, the enlist() method in TxConnectionEventListener catches a RollbackException, and throws a SystemException back to TXConnectionManager ("Could not enlist XAResource!").
      The problem seems to be that the database connection associated with this transaction is not being returned into
      connection pool. This leads to a "No managed connections available", after a few repetitions of that situation.

      I actually do not know exactly how to solve this problem, simply returning the connection with the "kill" - flag seems a little dangerous... Are there any ideas about how to solve this problem ??

      Thanks in advance, Tom