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    JBoss <- jTDS -> MS SQL Server

    tom.purvis Newbie

      I'm producing a departmental accounting system on JBoss for a client in public higher education. The powers that be have convinced me to use one of their SQL Server boxes as the datasource.

      So, rather late in the planning process, I'm investigating JDBC drivers to be used. I started by following Sun's guidance on certified JDBC drivers, and I've demo'd a couple commercial products. They seem to be solid drivers, but pretty costy. This is a system that will have a couple dozen users at most. Spending $2K on drivers seems pretty painful.

      Today I decided to try the SourceForge jTDS. From what I can tell so far, this driver works just fine with JBoss 3.2.1 and MSDE 7. The production box will be SQL Server 2000, but I don't own anything that will let me use that version of MSDE. And I HATE sending $$ to Mr Gates.

      Has anyone here used the jTDS drivers to connect JBoss to SQL Server? Any gotchas to watch out for?

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