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    ims service.xml file

    sameer_inn Newbie

      i have developed CICS and IMS jca adapter and try to deployed on jboss

      i have configured cics-service.xml file and deployed
      cisc.rar file and things working out fine

      now as far my ims connector is concerned
      i couldn't find any .service xml file

      can u explain me how to deploy ims jca resource adapter in jboss



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          Adrian Brock Master

          Modify the parameters, typically connection factory name,
          jndi name, user/password, etc.

          If you have 3.2.2, you probably want to use a -ds.xml
          see the bottom of jms-ds.xml for example.

          Inside the rar there will be an ra.xml with the valid
          configuration properties.

          Failing that, buy the admin docs where this all explained.