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    Incomplete transaction in Sequence Generator

    karumady Newbie


      This is a problem with our Sequence Generator

      Like always , the working is an update after a select.

      But sometimes it is not updating the table and the log shows that transaction commits successfully

      Hence getting DUPLICATE KEY ERROR for the next selected value

      We r using JBOSS3.0,8 and MySQL 4.0.13

      The code comes in an EJB helper class and we r using Stateless Seession Beans

      String query = "SELECT max_number FROM document_series WHERE series='" + series + "' FOR UPDATE";

      rs = statement.executeQuery( query );

      if( rs.next() ){

      maxValue = rs.getLong(1);

      query = "UPDATE document_series SET max_number = " + ( maxValue + 1 ) + " WHERE series LIKE '" + series + "'";

      statement.execute( query );


      Is the problem related with table locking ?

      Most of the times the above helper function is calling from another EJB ,is that a problem?

      Expecting comments

      Any help is highly appreaciated..........