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    DS discovery

    Noel Rocher Apprentice

      Hi all,

      For the Nukes project, I need to be able to discover all Datasources already deployed in the JBoss server.
      What is the best way ?

      I will surely need to be able to deploy new DS dynamically too (produce a xxx-ds.xml in the /deploy directory from a servlet). Any idea or experience on that ?


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Have a look at the jmx-console code. You want to get the jboss.jca and filter to get the "service=ManagedConnectionPool" and obtain the names from that.

          You should be able to write the *-ds.xml file from your servlet, but you are going to have to work out how you will discover the deployment directory. I guess you could pass it as an initparam. You will need to write a temporary file first and then rename it the target *-ds.xml to avoid any troubles with early deployment before you have finished writing the configuration.