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    ManagedConnection not getting destroyed on JBoss 3.2.2

    Ashish Mangla Newbie

      Iam developing a connector application. When i deploy my application on Jboss 3.2.2, instance of ManagedConnection does not get destroyed.

      Each time user logs in with credentials say (u1, p1) (user id: u1, Password:p1), new MC instance gets created. When I logoff user(u1,p1) & waits for <idle-timeout-minutes> , MC does not returns to the pool. When I login again with same credentials, new instance of MC gets created. After checking my application log, i found that matchManagedConnection() is not getting executed.
      Due to this, I get ResourceAllocationException moment i reach the limit of <max-pool-size>.

      I also notice, one more thing. Whenever my application executes connection.close(), i get the following error on Jboss console.

      17:11:06,531 INFO [TxConnectionManager] Unregistered handle that was
      not registered! null for managedConnection: com.abc.is.ra.spi.ABC_IS_SpiManagedConnection@4ab40a

      Here is my abc-ds.xml file.


      My code is working fine on BEA 7.2/8.1 WAS 5. Sun J2EE Reference Server.
      Can anyone guide me about this.
      Thanks in advance.