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      I send it in [Connectors and JCA/JBoss], because [Messaging, JMS & JBossMQ] won't work, the error message is 'Cannot invoke the operation : the module threw an exception'.

      I want to store the message queues in an Oracle 9i (Version Database, but it fails. It seems that Oracle don't like the "BLOB" in the "CREATE TABLE JMS_MESSAGES ( MESSAGEID INTEGER NOT NULL, DESTINATION VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, TXID INTEGER, TXOP CHAR(1), MESSAGEBLOB BLOB, PRIMARY KEY (MESSAGEID, DESTINATION) )" statement. I have allready tried to create this table manually, then I get the folowing error message:

      "ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE-Parameter muss oder groesser sein"
      In english it have to:
      "ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater"

      When I remove the BLOB it worked, so I think Oracle don't like the BLOB datatyp. Is there any solution of this Problem?


      PS: I used the oracle-jdbc2-service.xml from the examples directory and the Oracle 9i jdbc driver.