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    JCA or JMS?

    tsagovic Newbie

      Hello guys,
      I have an EIS that I want to access, and it comes with a custom API.
      The custom API uses (I am not sure but I guess, since no real docs/source comes with it) threads to access the EIS using Corbra with callbacks. It has blocking functions, and that's Y I am guessing it is forking off threads.
      I want to use it from within JBoss, and hopefully from my EJBs.
      EJb don't allow thread creation, and calling the api might give problems.
      So what shall I do? A JCA connector / JMS that internally uses the API ? what is best/must? I don't want to rewrite the API, as it takes time, but still want to use it but without having trouble with it calling it from EJBs?

      Would calling this API from tomcat that is bundled with JBoss be ok? (I might drop EJBs for accessing the system)
      Any ideas are very much welcome..
      I need to do this VERY VERY fast.
      thanks a lot.