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    where to place dll so JBoss can find it

    SVen Newbie

      Hi all

      I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this, but because the problem appeared while implementing a Connetor I post it here. Sorry if this was wrong.

      I wrote a connector which establishes a connection to SAP, mostly by using sapjco. For beeing able to run sapjco I need two dlls. And here comes my problem where do I have to place them?

      I tried to put them in my jar resp rar archive. Everything seems to work, but the sapjco just excited (strangely without throwing an exception). If I put them in the jboss-lib-dir (jboss/server/default/lib/) I receive "dll not found error message" (from my java vm).

      At least I found 2 possible solutions how to solve this.
      the first is to place the dlls in the jboss-lib-dir AND the jar/rar archive
      the second one was to place it in a dir specified in the "PATH" environment variable.

      I guess neither of them is a good way to solve the problem.

      Maybe someone here can help me.

      I am using Jboss 3.2.3 RC1 on Windowds 2000 Professionell with a j2sdk 1.4.2 (build 1.4.2-28).

      Thank you for your help