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    JBOSS hangs after contineous running for about 10 days

    pkr_sai Newbie


      I had downloaded JBoss-3.0.6 and installed it onto one of my linux box. It works fine but over a period of contineuos running , suddenly it starts showing the following problems.

      1. starts giving cached contents.
      2. Hangs does not even respond to "ctrl+c " operation, required to be killed and restarted.
      3. gives the following debug statement in the error.log file

      2004-03-19 00:02:22,142 DEBUG [org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.IdleRemover] run: IdleRemover notifying pools, interval: 450000

      Can anyone help me to rectify this problem, held up in one of my assignment

      thank you in advance