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    Connection to SAP using JRA/JCA

    Dov Bigio Newbie


      I am trying to make a connection using sap JRA, in its latest beta version.

      I have configured JBOSS XML file according to the example file in the docs directory of JBOSS:

      <config-property name="SAPClient" type="java.lang.String">801</config-property>
      <config-property name="Language" type="java.lang.String">P</config-property>
      <config-property name="ServerName" type="java.lang.String"></config-property>
      <config-property name="SystemNumber" type="java.lang.String">00</config-property>
      <config-property name="PortNumber" type="java.lang.String">3300</config-property>

      Although everything seems ok during JBOSS service start, when I run my EJB client I get the following exception:

      15:19:47,208 WARN [JBossManagedConnectionPool] Throwable while attempting to get a new connection:
      javax.resource.ResourceException: Couldn't create ManagedConnection. com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to SAP gateway failed
      Connect_PM GWHOST=, GWSERV=sapgw33, ASHOST=, SYSNR=33

      LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host
      ERROR partner not reached (host, service 3333)

      TIME Tue Mar 30 15:19:47 2004
      RELEASE 620
      COMPONENT NI (network interface)
      VERSION 36
      RC -10
      MODULE ninti.c
      LINE 969
      DETAIL NiPConnect2
      ERRNO 10061
      ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused
      COUNTER 3

      at com.sap.mw.jco.jra.JRA$ManagedConnectionImpl.(JRA.java:2046)

      It seems that it is trying to connect using a wrong port or system number... How do I fix this?

      Thank you