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    Custom JCA: Unregistered handle that was not registered!

    Michael Barker Apprentice


      I have developed a customer JCA Adaptor. The only issue I have is that the NoTxConnectionManager prints the following message whenever I close the JCA:

      Unregistered handle that was not registered! valtech.dbxmlra.CollectionWrapper@159fa96 for managedConnection: valtech.dbxmlra.DBXMLManagedConnection@52a72a

      This would suggest that the instance of the handle that I pass into the ConnectionEvent during the close() is different to the one that I created orginally. However I have ruled this out by printing the object instance out in both the close and create methods of the Managed Connection and confirmed that it is the same instance of the handle.

      Looking at the JBoss code for the BaseConnectionManager, the only way that I can see that this would happen is if the cached connection manager is null when the connection was created. Does this sound likely? How would this come about? For a generic JCA do I have specify the Cached Connection Manager to be used (either in the ra.xml or the *-ds.xml)?

      Michael Barker.