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    how to drop connections after exceptions

    ilker Newbie


      Currently we are using jboss 3.2.2 with postgresql 7.4. Most of the time, this setup works great, but when the postgresql driver throws an exception (SocketException, in our case), the problems start to appear. JBoss issues a rollback for that connection. After that, whenever JBoss tries to use that particular connection, we get a "query returned no results" exception from the database.

      The problem seems to be at the database end, but I was wondering if we can fix it at the jboss side. Specifically, if I get an exception from the jdbc driver, I would like jboss to do a rollback and then drop the corrupt connection. I went over the documentation and searched the forums but could not find an answer.

      We have tried using the jboss configuration that tests the connection before using it, but that didn't help us. The connection is there and returning back results, and thus passes the tests, but the results are not correct or meaningful.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.