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    Support for LastResourceOptimization? (CICS)

    jensengel Newbie


      we want to connect to CICS from JBoss and use CICS ECI Calls in global transactions. The manual for the IBM CICS Transaction Gateway reads that the J2EE Server would then need to have the "LastResourceOptimization" feature:

      "Transaction Support
      The cicseci resource adapter is defined as LocalTransaction. If your
      server supports LastResourceOptimization, the resource adapter can
      participate in a global transaction, provided it is the only
      LocalTransaction resource that has been enlisted."

      The idea is that the (only) not-XA-capable resource (CICS) is committed first, so the XA-capable ressources (JDBC) can be rolled back if the commit fails.

      WAS 5.0 and WLS 8.1 do support this feature. What about JBoss?