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      I have got a question about database connection.
      I saw in the JCA forum a case that interested me, this is about network problem while accessing database in my case a postgresql 7.4.
      When an application is successfully deployed and running on Jboss3.2.3 server, then the network goes down and resumes up the application faces the following error:
      Connection reset by peer: socket error..
      in several post I saw indications for the solution which is to add an ExceptionSorter. But I am not familiar with this term and I see evocation of exceptionSorter only for oracle database
      My question are:
      -what is an ExceptionSorter ?
      - Is it possible to find a sample code of this?
      - Is is specific to JBoss or other application server have can have one too?

      Thanks very much for your helps

      Thanks for any helps