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    scrollableDataTable not sorting/refreshing in richfaces 3.1.



      I played around with the rich:scrollableDataTable and found a weird behavior when setting the rows attribute to 0 or when I put rows smaller than the number of item the scrollableDataTable height can display. (it also happens when I don't put the rows attribute at all).

      After debugging, I noticed that when clicking on one of the header cell, the scrollableDataTable will make a ajax call to the server, that the data is sorted on the server but the list in the client is not refreshed.

      Reading the specs, I found out that if you put rows="0" it will load the entire set of item into the list which is what I wanted to avoid ajax calls to the server to display the hidden items. But by doing so, the sorting does not work (well it does on the server, but the table content is just not refreshed).

      Is this the intended behavior or a bug?

      Thank uou