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    jboss 2.4.3 and jdbc rollback

    Ivan Stoyanov Newbie

      Hi all,
      I understand that this version of jboss is too old, but it is production istallation and we prefer not to change the version.

      We are using postgreSQL as DB and connection pool to connecto to db.
      Also we are using ye jdbc this way:

      get connection


      get statement

      do some selects / inserts

      rollback / commit

      close connection.

      For my supprice jboss do not work correct with rollback.
      If we execute conn.rollback() nothik was send to postgreSQL.
      Only by closing connection jboss or connection pool (I do not know for this moment) sends rollback ; begin transaction to db.

      It looks for me a big problem. We are using also BEA app. server without any problems.

      Also we tested the postgreSQL jdbc and it works perfect with rollback on a little sample appliction.

      So, for me the only possible problem stay into jboss or connection poll (it is comming with jboss too).

      Pls., help me to sort out this problem and to correct the instalation.

      best regards,