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    JBoss XA wrapper for non-XA database drivers

    nadinec Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.3 with MySQL.

      I'm currently getting lots of "[TxConnectionManager] Prepare called on a local tx."

      Although I AM making use of JMS, I still get this warning when no MDB has been involved.
      - I do have multiple entity beans participating in the transaction, however I thought that this was acceptable?
      - I am making CORBA calls (directly using OpenORB)as well during this transaction and wonder if it has something to do with this...?

      Anyway, my understanding of the problem is that I require XA support in my database driver. I understand that MySQL does not have XA support and therefore I am unable to use xa-database when configuring my datasource. Is there some other option available to me?

      In my reading up, I have often come across the following:
      "JBoss has a wrapper for non-XA JDBC connections to allow them to participate in XA transactions".

      Please could you clarify this for me!
      What are my options when using MySQL and making use of ditributed transactions?