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    Mini-container for JCA

    Steve Lewis Expert

      Adrian said:

      I'm currently working on that very thing, the roadmap is:

      1) Document what we have.
      2) Release it as a standalone project
      3) Make improvements
      4) Repeat

      The improvements include removing the jmx requirement so the component bus can
      be pluggable a implementation, e.g. an aop/ioc container.

      But this is not the correct forum for this.

      Steve says:

      As far as I can tell, my junit test isn't using any JMX for the JCA stuff. The JMX stuff is used for bootstrapping the server, but after that I'm not using JNDI or JMX. Here's my first test so far:

      ConnectionManagerProxy proxy = new ConnectionManagerProxy();
      WrappedSessionRequestInfo info =
       new WrappedSessionRequestInfo("user", "pw");
      ManagedConnectionFactory mcf = proxy.getMcf();
      WrappedSessionFactoryImpl impl =
       new WrappedSessionFactoryImpl(proxy, mcf, info);
      WrappedSession session = impl.getMailSession();

      ConnectionManagerProxy just creates a NoTxConnectionManager, creates the InternalConnectionPool and sets the ConnectionEventListener. I may be missing a few pieces for Subjects, etc. but I'm interested in what you are working on. Even if it's just helping to document, I'd like to help.

      What do you consider "what we have?" I mean, which packages? I guess maybe the tests in CVS?