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    [Newbie] - DS not binding to java:comp/env instead binding t

    dHiNa Newbie


      I'm posting this message after googling for about 2 days and was not able to find a solution.

      I'm trying to access a Postgres Database through JNDI in JBoss 3.2.3.
      My problem is, the Data Source I'm using is getting bound to "java:" instead of "java:comp/env" ('am using the default Naming Service that comes with the JBoss package)

      SO, when I try to access from the client, I'm forced to lookup like "java:/jdbc/defaultDS" as against "java:comp/env/jdbc/defaultDS"
      where "jdbc/defaultDS" is my JNDI Name specified in ps-ds.xml in the deploy directory.

      I'm kind of struck in this and any help will be greatly appreciated.