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    JTA Implementation RoadMap


      Accroding to Admin docs,
      JBoss Default Transaction Manager has two limitations:

      "It does not do transactional logging, and is thus incapable of automated recovery after a server crash."

      "While it does support propagating transaction contexts with remote calls, it does not support propagating transaction contexts to other virtual machines, so all transactional work must be done in the same virtual machine as the JBoss server."

      And I heard that JBoss 4 will overcome these two limitations,
      in JBoss-ML or JBoss-Forum(sorry, i can't show the link).

      But I can't get any infomation about this from JBoss 4 RoadMap.

      Implementing transactional-logging/remote-transaction-propagation will be done in the short term(JBoss 4.0 for this summer)? Or in the long term?