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    Using LDAP server as a datasource in Jboss

    vomus Newbie

      I have an OpenLDAP server that I would like to use as a datasource in Jboss. Searching here on Jboss forums and googling gave me a rather vague understanding on what the current status of this issue is. As far as I understand after reading everything I could find including Jboss documentation that I bought a yearly subscription of, having Jboss managed connection to a LDAP server can not be done now. But I have seen some notices that such projects exist.

      Can anyone, plase, give me some explanation of what exactly the status of this subject is and may be some hints on what I can do now. At this point, I figure, one can just do a statful session bean.

      Thanks much in advance

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          Steve Lewis Expert

          I have some source code if you want it, but it's not fully tested. It was on our production system for a short time until we figured out it was leaking connections or something, and I haven't taken the time to debug it.

          It's a JCA connector using Novell's Java library for LDAP.

          It may be very close to working, or it may take a while. I'm honestly not sure. If I had to do it again, I'd just use the LDAP portion of JNDI.

          Let me know if you want it.