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    Oracle Datasource with OCI drivers

    sreek Newbie


      I am not able to configure datasource with Oracle OCI drivers in Jboss 3.2.5 server running in Redhat Linux 9 environemnt. I installed Oracle client software and able to use sqlplus to server. Also set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib:$ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib
      in jboss startup script. But I am getting follwoing error during startup.

      10:58:07,254 WARN [JBossManagedConnectionPool] Throwable while attempting to get a new connection: null
      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc9 in java.library.path
      at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1491)
      at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Runtime.java:788)
      at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java:834)
      at oracle.jdbc.oci8.OCIDBAccess.logon(OCIDBAccess.java:265)
      at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleConnection.(OracleConnection.java:362)
      at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.getConnectionInstance(OracleDriver.java:536)
      at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.connect(OracleDriver.java:328)

      Do I need to do any additional configuration to use Oracle OCI drivers for Datasource.

      Thanks in advance.