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    Disguising non-XA resource as an XA resource

    jason1 Newbie

      I have 2 resources:

      1. Oracle which is of course XA compliant
      2. non-XA-compliant, proprietary connection to ArcSDE, a GIS database

      My Goal:

      I have business calls that span both databases and thus I want both to commit/rollback at the same time. While this is not 100% possible, what I'm aiming for is to have at least Oracle rollback if the ArcSDE connection had to rollback rather than just having the Oracle connection commit blindly first.

      Is there a way to "fake" out the JBoss transaction manager into treating the ArcSDE connection as an XA-compliant connection, so that at least the chances of committing or rolling back both are better? I'm thinking it might be possible to create a J2CA XA compatible adaptor and wrap the ArcSDE connections in it...