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    JCA und MDB understanding

    Ralf Siedow Newbie


      I'm trying to implement a JCA RA which receives events (not necesserily JMS; I'd like to abstract that part in the RA) and forwards them to a MDB that delegates these events to other EJBs. Eventually I'd like to put a WorkManager in between.

      My problem is that I don't get an idea how the MDBs, the Endpoints (incl. Factories) and the RA are glued together. Until now I have the following assumptions in my mind:
      - Implement a MDB (with my custom MessageListener Interface)
      - Implement the ResourceAdapter Interface ( endpoint(De)Activiation(...) - Methods)
      - Implement the MessageEndpoint
      - Implement the MessageEndpointFactory

      - When a message arrives the following steps are performend:
      * Use the reference of the MEFactory to obtain a ME (MessageEndpoint)
      * deliver the event via the onMessage - method to the ME
      * The ME forwards the message to a MDB instance

      How does the ME get the reference to a MDB?

      I guess I'm thinking in the totally wrong direction ... any tips/hints?