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    z-index problem with dropDownMenu tag?

    Derry Cannon Newbie

      Hey, there!

      I've got a dropDownMenu component inside a toolBar component. Both of them reside on my web page just above a link (ie, the dropDownMenu and its toolBar are closer to the top of the browser window than this link is). When you mouse over the dropDownMenu and the menu displays, it's displaying UNDERNEATH the link that's further down the page. I would expect the menu to cover up anything positioned lower on the page, rather that floating under the link like it is. On the RichFaces demo page at http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/dropDownMenu.jsf?c=dropDownMenu, the menus cover up the text below them . It's pretty distracting visually to still see that link when the menu is visible.

      Anybody run across this before?